• 3-point linkage
  • Category 1 and 2
  • 3 row cultivator
  • 7” points
  • 580 tyne assemblies
  • 620 double spring tyne assembly optional


The John Shearer Heavy Duty Handicult is the go-to option for tilling soil in restricted spaces. The 12 tyne model in particular is ideally sized for operation between rows of grapevines.

The cultivator does not require electric, hydraulic or power take-off connection as would a rotary cultivator. Only the ability to raise and lower the three-point linkage is needed.

Simple and Robust

The 3-point linkage heavy duty handicult available in either 2.5m (8’5″) and 1.92m (6’4″) models is strong, light and provides for good trash handling. Cultivating width can also be increased with the fitting of optional 2 or 4 tyne extensions.

Choice of Openers

The 580 tyne assemblies, which are mounted on the 75mm square beams, provide a breakout force of more than 165lb and are renowned for their excellent digging ability and generous under-frame clearance.

For greater breakout force, 620 double spring tynes are also available.


Model Description
2751201 12 tyne – 1.92m (6’4”)
2751601 16 tyne – 2.56m (8’5”)
27500-1500 2 tyne extension
27500-1600 4 tyne extension
46692 620 double spring tynes in lieu of 580 single spring


Size (no. of tynes) 16 tynes 12 tynes
Width of cut 2.56m (8’5”) 1.92m (6’4”)
Tyne spacing 160mm (61/4”) 160mm (61/4”)
Jump height 300mm (12”) 300mm (12”)
Under-frame clearance 580mm (23”) 580mm (23”)
Maximum tyne breakout 75kg (165lb) 75kg (165lb)
Approximate weight 437kg (961lb) 350kg (770lb)

Due to our policy of continuing research, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Are you covered?

With a suitable under-vine cover crop you can boost yields and cut out herbicide use.

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