• Five row configuration for trash clearance
  • Good under-frame clearance
  • Fitted with spring adjustable 630 tyne assemblies
  • Tyne breakout adjustable up to 158kg (350lb)
  • Tyne spacing, 250mm (9.8”)
  • 2 bolt hole tyne foot, accepts a wide range of points
  • Walking beam axles, fitted with high floatation tyres


Fitted with the 630 high breakout edge-on tyne at 250mm (9.8”) row spacing, sizes range from 8.5m (27’) to 15m (48’10”). Can be used for secondary tillage and sowing in conjunction with an Airseeder.

The 5-250 Seeder Bar is ideal for secondary tillage and best suited to lighter soil conditions that do not require the weight of a heavier machine. Being lighter to pull means there are the benefits of fuel cost savings.


This machine has a five row 75mm x 75mm frame, dual walking wheels on the centre section and wings. (33t model, centre only), which are fitted with 10.00 tyres. (9.00 optional) The tyne assemblies are spaced at 250mm (9.8”) and depth control is via series connected hydraulic wheel lift cylinders.

630 Tyne Assembly

The 5-250 Seeder Bar is fitted with the 630 tyne assembly. Features of this assembly include, dual springs, a spring steel 25x50mm shank with 2 bolt hole foot, large 25mm diameter greasable pivot pin with a hardened single bush, heavy duty clamp and for convenience, one spanner size adjusts spring pressure and clamp nuts. The straight leading edge shank has good under-frame clearance to promote efficient trash flow.

The 630 assembly has a tyne breakout force adjustable up to 158kg (350lb).

Note: Points not supplied as standard. See options below.

630, dual spring tyne assembly


Model/Width 178mm (7”) 230mm (9”) 250mm (10”)
8.5m (27’ 6”) 47t 37t 33t
11.0m (35’ 10”) 61t 47t 43t
13.6m (43’ 3”) 59t 53t

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
2 tyne extension EOT
4 tyne extension EOT
8 tyne extension EOT
44127 630 Knife Points
44126 630 Seeder Points
Spring Tooth Harrows
Airseeder Kits


All Models
Frame 5 Row
Hitch 3.6m (11’10”)
Tyne assemblies 630 HD Tyne Assemblies
Wheel equipment 10.00 x 16 x 6 ply duals on centre and wings – Small wing model.
9.00 x 16 x 6ply – Available on request.
Tyne breakaway 630 Edge-on adjustable to 158kg (350lb)
Tyne foot 2 x V” bolt holes @ 45mm centres
Depth control Four (4) series connected phasing cylinders
Packed Length 4970mm
Packed Width 2700mm
Packed Height 2290mm