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  • Pasture Renovation Drill in the spraybooth

    Australian Owned and MadeEvery John Shearer machine is still designed and built at our Adelaide headquarters.

About Us

John Shearer is one of Australia’s most trusted farm machinery manufacturers.

Since 1877 we’ve been engineering and building farm machinery in Australia with the input of end-users from all over the country. Our ongoing commitment to developing machines to fit our nation’s unique and often harsh conditions has resulted in the long service life now synonymous with the Shearer name.

By manufacturing locally our factory is never too far from the field. Owners of Shearer machines have unrivalled after-sales support through our nation-wide network of Dealers. Spare parts and expert knowledge are just a phone call away and you can always talk to an experienced local Dealer.

Video: Colin Prosser of Tintinara has tried foreign-made alternatives but always comes back to Shearer for robust, easy to operate machines that stand the test of time in harsh, local conditions.

From the Field

Machining a Seed Roller

A seed roller is machined on our 4-axis CNC mill. This form of automated machining permits the rapid creation of complex parts and prototypes in-house at our South Australian headquarters.

Machining a Seed Roller2020-03-19T16:15:35+10:30

Shearer machines in action

Three of our most popular models fitted with the latest features. […]

Shearer machines in action2020-03-24T16:11:37+10:30

Testimonial: Rocky Romano

Rocky Romano shares his thoughts and experiences using his John Shearer 3-metre Pasture Drill.

Testimonial: Rocky Romano2020-03-19T16:30:32+10:30

Mk3 Seeder Bar in Action

See our Seeder Bar seeding a field with heavy stubble.

Mk3 Seeder Bar in Action2020-03-19T16:33:06+10:30

Testimonial: Colin Prosser

Colin Prosser of Tintinara on how the Shearer Mk3 Seeder Bar has proven a reliable workhorse for direct drilling in the varied conditions of SA's South East.

Testimonial: Colin Prosser2019-09-13T13:34:31+09:30

62ft Seeder pulled by Twin Engined Chamberlain

We often hear from farmers who are still using John Shearer machines that have been reliably working the field for decades. Just take a look at this 62ft seeder, bought second hand and still going strong.

62ft Seeder pulled by Twin Engined Chamberlain2019-09-13T13:34:41+09:30

Farm Weekly 2018/02/22

An article from Farm Weekly about a Trashworker given a new lease on life in a deep ripping trial. […]

Farm Weekly 2018/02/222019-12-12T13:46:28+10:30