• 3.5 metre transport width
  • 23 sowing rows at 155mm (6”) spacing
  • Dual depth wheels for excellent floatation
  • Heavy duty, robust construction
  • Choice of tyne
  • Infinitely adjustable gearbox
  • Rear depth wheels to maximize sowing width in relation to transport width


Our time-tested, infinitely adjustable gearbox allows small incremental changes to the sowing rates – important when sowing small seeds. 31 speed gearbox and electric drive options are also available by request.

Wide Loading Platform

A large 450mm wide rear loading platform complete with handrail and steps.

Robust Main Chasis

The frame includes, large 16mm thick wheel mounts, fitted with high flotation tyres, two 12mm front to rear frame supports and three 75mmx75mm mounting ranks. Lead between ranks are 470mm between 1 and 2, 425mm between 2 to 3.


The machine includes electronic scales for sowing rate calibration and an in-cab electronic hectaremeter.

Double Disc Opener

The John Shearer double disc opener is well built to perform in many different soil types and conditions. The compact and unique design, ensures the press wheel is much closer to the sowing boot than most others on the market. The opener is a true parallelogram unit and is based around two carriers. The mounting carrier attaches the unit to the frame. The main carrier has the ground engaging coulters and press wheel attached. The press wheel provides depth control, as well as compaction of the soil around the seed, to assist with germination. Being a parallelogram design, the opener’s ability to follow ground contours is enhanced for a more uniform seed placement.

The opener has 254mm (10”) of vertical ground following capability.


Model Openers Row Spacing Sowing Width
35002305 580 Tynes w/- Lucerne Points 155mm (6.1”) 3.45m (11’3”)
35002309 580 Tynes w/- Mini-T Boots 155mm (6.1”) 3.45m (11’3”)
35002301 Double Disc Openers 155mm (6.1”) 3.45m (11’3”)

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
46706 Double Springs for tyne assemblies
44164 (44282 16” Cltr) Coulter Bar Kit for attaching to front of seeder (155.5mm – Row Spacing)
46729 Hydraulic lift kit for coulter bar
46675 Electric Drive in lieu of Gearbox
46749 Shearer 31 Speed Gearbox In lieu of standard (specify on order)
46727 (p/p) Double Disc Openers with Plain/Plain coulter discs in lieu of standard Scallop/Plain
46695 T-Boots – Baker-T blades in lieu of Mini-T
46702 Dual heavy duty wheels, 12.5/80-15.3, in lieu of standard
46690 Jackal hectaremeter in lieu of MC300 hectaremeter
16” fluted coulters in lieu of 13-3/8” plain
44288 Coulter bar Kit for attaching to front of seeder
(150mm row spacing) 13-3/8” plain coulter
44280 Coulter bar Kit for attaching to front of seeder (150mm row spacing)
16” Fluted Coulters


Width 3500mm (11′ 5″)
Length (ex. hitch) 2810mm (9′ 3″)
Length (inc. Coulter Bar, ex. hitch) 2995mm (9′ 10″)
Length (inc. Hitch) 4735mm (15′ 6″)
Height (Maximum) 2358mm (7′ 9″)
Weight Empty 2751kg (6892 lb)
Weight Full 4496kg (9913 lb)
Under-Frame Clearance (Typ.) 649mm (25.5″)
Road Clearance 170mm (6.7″)
Shipping Length 3.5m
Shipping Width 2.3m (axles removed)
Shipping Height 2.2m
Gearbox Infinitely Adjustable (optional 31 speed gearbox / electric drive)
Output Range – seed 1 – 240 kg/ha
Number of Openers 23
Standard Opener Type Double Disc Openers
Total Vertical Travel 250mm (9.8″)
Row Spacing 155mm (6.1″)/127mm (5”)
Sowing Width 3450mm (11′ 3″)
Rank Spacing – Front 470mm (18.5″)
Rank Spacing – Rear 425mm (16.7″)
Tyres 215/85 R16
16” HD
Front Hopper Capacity 610 litres / Wheat: 488 kg (1077 lb)
Rear Hopper Capacity 746 litres / Super: 881 kg (1942 lb)

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