• Compact and robust parallelogram design opener geometry
  • Extra-large grain & fertilizer compartments
  • Adjustable levelling, with high flotation tyres
  • Strong sturdy machine construction and robust design
  • Fluted distributors handle a large variety of seeds
  • Distributors and rubber gates mounted on aluminium shafts
  • Remote greasing facility for grain & fertilizer shaft bearings
  • Dual boot adapter; either Baker or Mini-T boot
  • Available in either 3-point linkage or trailing
  • In-cab electronic hectaremeter
  • Extra-large sight glass and lid gas struts on grain & fertilizer box

Power up your pasture

Direct drilling is a quick way of upgrading both quality and density of stock feed in your pastures.

John Shearer offers our classic Pasture Drill with Double Disc Openers for zero-till seeding. Sowing with Double Disc Openers leaves a smoother soil profile and will assist in reducing water run-off. Seed placement depth is very uniform, increasing germination rates.

John Shearer Double Disc Opener with Scalloped and Plain Coulters

The combination of excellent trashflow and minimal soil disturbance makes our Double Disc Openers an ideal choice for sowing into existing pastures without prior tillage.

Four sizes are available: 10 row with 1.8m sowing width, 13 row – 2.3m, 16 row – 2.9m and 19 row – 3.4m.

Robust wide range gearbox

Sowing rates are easy to calibrate via the wide range gearbox. Simply attach the provided handle to adjust the metering system as needed.

Large Seed and Fertilizer Hopper

More hopper capacity means fewer refills and faster sewing.

Heavy Duty Construction

In the Shearer tradition the whole machine is built to last with particular attention paid to the frame and axles.

Wide Range of Seed Types

Fluted distributors can be fitted in one or both compartments and designed to handle a very wide range of seed types. Fine seeds such as clovers, lucerne and canola through to large legumes.

Tailored to your tractor

Each pasture drill is configured for 3-point linkage connection or with an optional trailing hitch kit, as required.


Model Description
1241002DDO 10 row: 1.8m (5’10”) with double disc openers
1241302DDO 13 row: 2.3m (7’8”) with double disc openers
1241602DDO 16 row: 2.9m (9’6”) with double disc openers
1241902DDO 19 row: 3.4m (11’3”) with double disc openers

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
124054-5401 Optional hitch kit – 10 row
124054-5402 Optional hitch kit – 13 row
124054-5403 Optional hitch kit – 16 row
124054-5404 Optional hitch kit – 19 row
Handrail and Steps Now Standard on all sizes
46727 (p/p) Plain/Plain in lieu of standard Scallop/Plain coulter discs on Double Disc Openers.
46690 Jackal hectaremeter in lieu of MC300 hectaremeter

Note: All hitch kits now feature heavy duty phasing rams for positive level lift.

Part Number Description
124053-5301 Grass seed box – 10 row
124053-5302 Grass seed box – 13 row
124053-5303 Grass seed box – 16 row
124053-5304 Grass seed box – 19 row
124051-5101 Fertilizer screens – 10 row
124051-5102 Fertilizer screens – 13 row
124051-5103 Fertilizer screens – 16 row
124051-5104 Fertilizer screens – 19 row

Spring Tooth Harrows

2 Row Sections 31100 31102
10 row 1 per 6’
13 row 2 per 4’
16 row 1 per 4’ 1 per 6’
19 row 2 per 6’
3 Row Sections Qty/4’ 31101 Qty/6’ 31103
10 row 1 per 4
13 row 2 per 4′
16 row 1 per 4′ 1 per 4
19 row 2 per 4


Size 10 Row 13 Row 16 Row 19 Row
Sowing width 1.8m (5’10”) 2.3m (7’8”) 2.9m (9’6”) 3.4m (11’3”)
Sowing row spacing 180mm (7”) 180mm (7”) 180mm (7”) 180mm (7”)
Sowing rows 10 13 16 19
Overall width 2.58m (8’5”) 3.14m (10’4”) 3.645m (11’11”) 4.21m(13’10”)
Hopper capacity 471L 624L 768L 912L
– Rear (wheat) 160kg 210kg 260kg 310kg
– Front (super) 220kg 285kg 352kg 420kg
Approximate Empty Weight 820kg TD:670kg 970kg TD:780kg 1,130kg TD:890kg 1,395kg TD:1,040kg
Approximate power 3PL 34Kw (46HP) 48Kw (65HP) 59Kw (80HP) 70Kw (95HP)
Approximate power trailing 26Kw (35HP) 30Kw (41HP) 47Kw (65HP) 52Kw (71HP)

Time to renovate?

Renovate your existing pastures to increase the feed density available to your livestock.