• Infinitely variable gearbox, 1-240kg/ha
  • Low maintenance coil tynes with Baker T points
  • Coulter bar and trailing hitch kit included
  • Large capacity grain and fertilizer hopper
  • Remote greasing for seed and fertiliser shaft bearings
  • 2.03m (6‘ 7”) to 3.34m (10’11”) seeding widths available
  • Seeding spacings of either 127mm (5”) or 152mm (6”)
  • Large platform with handrail
  • Gas struts on lid

Infinitely Variable Gearbox

The 9000 Series Drill is equipped with an infinitely variable speed, oil bath gearbox. Select any rate between 1 kg/ha and 240 kg/ha.

The low-maintenance traction drive makes this model ideal for tractors where electric drive would be inconvenient or impractical. Electric Drive is available as an option where appropriate.

Standard Coulter Bar

The included front coulter bar helps break up compacted soils or heavy trash, easing the way for the openers. Coulters are available in either 13-3/8” plain or 16” fluted.

Standard Trailing Hitch Kit

In tandem with the front coulter bar, the trailing hitch kit is included as standard equipment.

Ease of Operation

Gas struts on the hopper lid, remote greasing for the seed and fertilizer shaft bearings and a large platform with handrail keep things easy.

Hydraulic Depth control

Precisely control the sowing depth of the machine and easily raise the tynes for transport, all at the pull of a lever.

Ever-reliable Coil Tynes

For simple and robust you can’t go past Connor Shea Coil Tynes. With nothing to grease or go out of adjustment, coil tynes are the pinnacle of predictable performance.

Models & Specifications

Mechanical Gearbox Drive Electric Drive (Optional) Transport Width Sowing Width Sowing Rows Row Spacing Max. Height Weight Empty Weight Full Seed Capacity Fert. Capacity Tyres
900020M152CT 900020E152CT 2.06m 1.98m 13 152mm (6″) 2.425m 1259kg 1792kg 239.43L 288.82L 235/75×15″
900024M152CT 900024E152CT 2.51m 2.43m 16 152mm (6″) 2.425m 1348kg 1987kg 287.43L 346.72L 235/75×15″
900028M152CT 900028E152CT 2.95m 2.89m 19 152mm (6″) 2.425m 1437kg 2182kg 335.44L 404.63L 215/85×16”
900033M152CT 900033E152CT 3.42m 3.34m 22 152mm (6″) 2.425m 1577kg 2456kg 395.45L 477.02L 215/85×16″
900020M127CT 900020E127CT 2.06m 2.03m 16 127mm (5”) 2.425m 1305kg 1837kg 239.43L 288.82L 235/75×15″
900024M127CT 900024E127CT 2.51m 2.41m 19 127mm (5”) 2.425m 1394kg 2033kg 287.43L 346.72L 235/75×15″
900028M127CT 900028E127CT 2.95m 2.79m 22 127mm (5”) 2.425m 1482kg 2228kg 335.44L 404.63L 215/85×16″
900033M127CT 900033E127CT 3.42m 3.30m 26 127mm (5”) 2.425m 1638kg 2517kg 395.45L 477.02L 215/85×16″

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
Electric drive option (change the ‘M’ in the model code to ‘E’),
46690 Jackal hectaremeter in Lieu of MC300
Bin Level Sensor (requires Jackal, standard on electric drive)

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