• Large under-frame clearance for maximum trash flow
  • Adaptable for split seed/fertilizer distribution – Double cups optional
  • Renowned 620 tyne assemblies – Greater than 113kg (250lb) breakout
  • Fluted rollers – Suitable for a wide variety of seed types
  • Large wheel equipment – For excellent flotation
  • Big capacity grain and fertilizer boxes – Less stops between refills
  • Full level lift system – excellent depth control
  • Easy to calibrate wide range gearbox
  • Remote greasing for grain and fertilizer shaft bearings
  • Gas struts on lid

Numerous configurations are available for the operator to direct drill, adopt summer cropping sowing practices, carry out conventional seeding or somewhere in between with min-til or trashfarming. The addition of cultivating tynes enables a quick and easy conversion from min-til to trash farming or conventional seeding.

In the Shearer tradition the direct drills are robust and heavily constructed in the areas that count and built to last. The result is less down time, for a more efficient and cost effective operation.

Simple Calibration

All models feature electronic scales for easy sowing rate calibration.

Electric Drive Option

An electric drive option is available to facilitate alteration of sowing rates from the tractor seat.

Excellent Depth Control

Large, high-flotation tyres provide accurate depth control over varying soil conditions, helping to promote uniform planting depth. All models have a level lift system with three series connected hydraulic cylinders. One cylinder is connected to the hitch and controls the fore and aft level lift function. Cylinders on each wheel, which operate in conjunction with the hitch cylinder, control the depth of sowing.

Large Hopper Capacity

All sizes have large seed and fertilizer compartments for fewer stops between refills. For example, a 27 row drill can hold up to 660kg of wheat and 1100kg of fertilizer.

Extra-Large Sight Glass

An extra-large sight glass provides the operator with a quick visual reference of material level in the front bin.

Customise and Enhance

Many options are available for tailoring the machine to your particular needs. These include bolt-on extensions, electric drive systems, air assist blower kits and a variety of openers.

End-On Tow Option

Don’t be limited by narrow gates and roadways. Reduce transport width with the end-on towing option.

Lid Gas Struts

Gas struts are fitted as standard on each end of the hopper lid for operator convenience and safety.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance time is reduced, with the easily accessible remote greasing facility which is fitted to the grain and fertilizer shaft bearings.

Double Sowing Option

Double cups are an option for operators wishing to split the delivery of grain and fertilizer when deep banding or placing different material in alternate rows.

Platform With Safety Rail

Both 4 and 6 row models feature a wide heavy duty platform and safety rail.


All 4 and 6 row drills feature a 31 speed, fully enclosed, oil bath gearbox to give simple calibration and wide range of sowing rates for both seed and fertiliser.

Airmatic Option

A hydraulically powered blower is available as an option to boost seed flow. Air volume is controllable via a tool-free adjustment knob on the hydraulic motor.


Model Sowing Rows Sowing Width without extensions Standard Openers Depth Wheels
77621 RB620 21 3.8m (12’5”) 620 Edge-on Tyne 16.9 x 28 tyres
960246 RB620 24 4.32m (14’2”) 620 Edge-on Tyne 18.4×30 tyres
77627 RB620 27 4.9m (16’0”) 620 Edge-on Tyne 18.4 x 30 tyres
960286 RB620 28 5.10m (16’5”) 620 Edge-on Tyne 18.4 x 30 tyres
77633 RB620 33 6.0m (19’7”) 620 Edge-on Tyne 23.1 x 30 tyres

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
Standard 620 tyne assemblies
46694 HD 630, 350lb Breakout Tyne Assemblies in lieu of 620
44126 630 Seeder Points
46686 Dual Seeding Boot in lieu of single boot
46698(RH), 46699(LH) Disc Drill assemblies in lieu of tyne assemblies
46727 Plain/Plain DDO
45062 Scalloped/Plain DDO
29740 Swivelling Coulters
46684 “Double Cup in lieu of single cup, includes additional hose
(for separate seed and fertilizer distribution – does not include boot)
46676 Super Seeder Points (Pr94) in lieu of standard 4”
46677 “Mini T” Boots in lieu of standard 4”
46678 “Baker T” Boots in lieu of standard 4”
Part Number Description
46673 Electric Drive in lieu of gearbox drive
43528 Electronic bin level sensors (only with Jackal)
46690 Jackal hectaremeter in lieu of MC300 hectaremeter
45062 24 Single Shoot Air Assist Blower Kit
46717 27 Single Shoot Air Assist Blower Kit
46294 27 Double Shoot Air Assist Blower Kit
46725 Factory Installed Single Shoot Blower Kit
46726 Factory Installed Double Shoot Blower Kit
46688 Fluted Rollers in lieu of “Peg Tooth Rollers” in rear compartment
46689 Broad Bean Rollers in lieu of “Peg Tooth Rollers”
42462 4 Tyne Extensions (230mm spacing)

Grass Seed Boxes

Part Number Description
77585-8502 Grass Seed Box – 21 row
77585-8504 Grass Seed Box – 27 row
77585-8505 Grass Seed Box – 33 row

Spring Tooth Harrows (for 6 row drills)

Part Number Size Description Qty / 21 Row Qty / 27 Row Qty / 33 Row
31100 1.22m (4’) 2 Row Sections including attachments 2 1
31102 1.83m (6’) 2 Row Sections including attachments 1 3 3
31101 1.22m (4’) 3 Row Sections including attachments 2 1
31103 1.83m (6’) 3 Row Sections including attachments 1 3 3


Ranks of Tynes 4 4 4 6 6 6
Size (# of Sowing Rows) 20 24 28 21 27 33
Sowing Width 3.6m (11’10”) 4.3m (14’2”) 5.1m (16’7”) 3.8m (12’5”) 4.9m (16’0”) 6.0m (19’7”)
Transport Width 5.1m(16’9”) 5.62m(18’5”) 6.47m(21’3”) 5.1m (16’9”) 6.2m (20’4”) 7.54m (24’6”)
Engine Power Required 41-52kw (55-70hp) 52-56kw (70-75hp) 60-68kw (85-95hp) 60-70kw (80-95hp) 70-85kw (95-115hp) 75-95kw (100-125hp)
Hopper Capacity Total 1352L 1623L 1903L 1420L 1835L 3250L
Front Bin Capacity (Grain) 486kg (1074lb) 587kg (1297lb) 684kg (1511lb) 510kg (1123lb) 660kg (1452lb) 810kg (1782lb)
Rear Bin Capacity (Super) 810kg (1790lb) 978kg (2161lb) 1141kg (2521lb) 850kg (1870lb) 1100kg (2420lb) 1350kg (2970lb)
Wheel Equipment 16.9×28 6 ply 16.9×28 6 ply 18.4×30 8 ply 16.9×28 6 ply 18.4×30 8 ply 23.1×30 8 ply

Sowing Rates

180mm (7”) Row Spacing 270mm (10 1/2”) Row Spacing
– Wheat 7-264kg/ha 5-185kg/ha
– Canola 3-30kg/ha 2-23kg/ha

Fertilizer Rates

180mm (7”) Row Spacing 270mm (10 1/2”) Row Spacing
– Superphosphate 52-453kg/ha 36-317kg/ha
– Urea 20-176kg/ha 14-123kg/ha
Depth Control Hydraulic self phasing wheel lift incorporating 102mm x 305mm (4” x 12”) & 95mm x 305mm (3 3/4” x 12”) wheel arm cylinders. 108mm 203mm (4 1/4” x 8”) cylinder incorporated on the hitch to provide level lift.
Sowing Row Spacing
  • 180mm (7”) – all models
  • 270mm(10 1/2”) on 6 row model with Double Disc Openers, (other options available).
Opener Options
  • 620 spring release, edge-on-tynes, tyne carrier assemblies are clamped to the frame.
  • 630 Heavy Duty spring release, edge-on-tynes, tyne carrier assemblies are clamped to the frame.
  • Double Disc Openers – spring-loaded parallelogram design with 254mm (10”) of vertical ground following travel.
Breakout Pressure
  • 620 Tyne Assemblies: adjustable up to 113 kg (250lb)
  • 630 Tyne Assemblies: adjustable up to 160kg (350lb)
  • Double Disc Openers: adjustable up to 182kg (400lb)
Seed & Fertilizer Distributors Nylon fluted distributors in front compartment (with adjustable restrictor) and nylon peg tooth distributors in the rear compartment – both with adjustable rubber distributor gates. Optional: Fluted distributors in both compartments; broad bean distributors.
  • 31 Speed fully-enclosed, oil bath gearbox with 62 seed settings and 31 fertilizer settings.
  • Optional electric drive.

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