• 4 Bin Hopper – sow 4 products in one pass
  • Proven 620 tyne assemblies – greater than 113kg / 250lb breakout
  • Fluted rollers – suitable for a wide variety of products
  • Large wheel equipment – for excellent flotation
  • Easy to calibrate wide range gearboxes – for both seed and fertilizer
  • Hydraulic level lift system – depth control from the tractor seat
  • 4 or 6 ranks of sowing tynes – maximum trash flow
  • Remote greasing of grain and fertilizer shaft bearings
  • Gas struts on lid
  • Standard, cab mounted, area and speed monitor
  • Optional electronic bin level sensors

Ease of Operation

Standard features all designed to help the farmer operate the drill include, gas struts on the hopper lid, remote greasing for the seed and fertilizer shaft bearings and a large platform with handrail.

Heavy Duty Construction

In the Shearer tradition the whole machine is built to last with particular attention paid to the frame and axles. Robust construction means your machine will hold its value and keep on going season after season.

Dual Drive System

Product from the 4 bins is metered out by way of dual 31 speed gearboxes. For ultimate control, the machine is also able to be factory-fitted with our updated electric drive system.

Supercharge your Seeder

Many options are available to enhance your 4 bin drill. Electric drive, blower kits, swivelling coulters (pictured below), double cups and bolt-on extensions tailor the machine to your specific needs.

Large Seed and Fertilizer Hoppers

More hopper capacity means fewer refills and faster sowing.

Choice of Openers

Choose from our proven range of ground engaging tools to build a machine tailored to your conditions. Our time-tested 620 edge-on double spring tyne assemblies are fitted by default with heavy duty 630 tynes (pictured below) available as an option for soil conditions requiring greater breakout forces. Knife and seeder point options are also available for fitment.

Openers, options and accessories


Model Description Sowing Ranks Sowing Rows Sowing Width Standard Openers Depth Wheels
70050 4 bin direct drill 4 24 4.32m (14’2”) 620 Edge-On Tynes 18.4 x 30 tyres
70060 4 bin direct drill 6 24 4.32m (14’2”) 620 Edge-On Tynes 18.4 x 30 tyres
70051 4 bin direct drill 6 27 4.9m (16’0”) 620 Edge-On Tynes 23.1 x 30 tyres

Options and Accessories

Part Number Description
42462 4 tyne (bolt-on) extensions; increase sowing width at 230mm spacings
Electric Drive, in lieu of Gearboxes
46685 Double cups on bin 1 and 2 in lieu of single cups (includes additional seed hose)
46689 “Broad Bean Rollers” in lieu of “Peg Tooth Rollers”
43529 Electronic bin level sensor kit
46690 Jackal hectaremeter in lieu of MC300
29740 Swivelling Coulters per row
46722 24 Single Shoot Air Assist Blower Kit
46294 27 Single Shoot Air Assist Blower Kit
46726 Factory Installed Blower Kit
Part Number Description
(Standard) 620 tyne assemblies.
46694 H.D. 630, 350lb Breakout Tyne Assemblies
44127 630 Knife Points
44126 630 Seeder Points


27 Row Models 24 Row Models
Sowing width 4.9m 4.3m
Sowing tyne spacing 180mm (other options available) 180mm
Approximate power required 75-95Kw (100-125HP) 60-68Kw (85-95HP)
Number of tynes 27 24
Sowing rows 27 24
Sowing ranks 6 (other options available) 4
Tyne breakaway 620 edge-on double spring, greater than 113kg (250lb)
Transport width 6.43m 5.88m
Hopper capacity – Total 2072L 1843L
Bin 1 Capacity (Front) 553L (512kg wheat) 492L (455kg wheat)
Bin 2 Capacity (Front) 606L (751kg super) 539L (668kg super)
Bin 3 Capacity (Rear) 279L (258kg wheat) 248L (229kg wheat)
Bin 4 Capacity (Rear) 634L (786kg super) 564L (700kg super)
Approximate weight 2,750 kg 2,550 kg
Wheel equipment 23.1 x 30 x 10ply – directional grip tyres – 18.4 x 30 x 8ply
Shipping Length 6.43m 5.88m
Shipping Width 2.9m 2.5m
Shipping Height 2.39m (handrail removed) 2.24m

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