Universal Trashworker

Mk3 Trashworker

The new ‘Universal’ Trashworker features front castoring wheels and a floating hitch, which greatly enhance the machines ground following capability when used as a seeding unit.

John Shearer’s range of trashworkers have built a good reputation for their utility in predominately summer cropping areas. The new, hydraulic Mk3 Trashworker is an addition to the current range incorporating features to further improve ground following.


  • 5 row main frame, featuring 9mm, 100mmx100mm RHS on front & rear beams
  • Front castoring wheels fitted with high flotation tyres
  • Long 5.2m (17’) fully floating hitch
  • Folding operation incorporates four cylinders; 2 front & rear
  • Row spacing options include, 254mm (10”), 305mm (12”) & 333mm (13.1”)
  • Three (3) tyne options, 1000lbs breakout, straight adjustable & 800HL
  • Optional “in cab” digital tyne breakout pressure gauge

Main Frame / Castoring Assembly

The main frame includes 5 rows of 100mm x 100mm mounting ranks, of which the front and rear centre section beams are 9mm for additional strength. Four wheels carry the main frame, 2 front castoring and 2 extra large main wheels.

Hydraulic Over-pressure Protection

The standard 20 litre gas accumulator provides protection from pressure overload during working.
In addition, in-line’ valves fitted to the hydraulic circuitry assist in controlling the re-coil speed and force of the tynes as they return to the work position. A digital tyne breakout pressure gauge, fitted in the tractor cab, is an available as an option.

Simple Leveling Adjustment

There are no phasing cylinders. Two double acting lift cylinders fitted to the centre section rockshaft, are mechanically linked to the wings and control the wheels. Screw adjustable layshafts (links) control leveling across the working width of the machine and from front to rear.

Robust Wing-Fold System

Four 4”x30” folding cylinders are equipped as standard – one on each hinge point, front & rear.

In-Built Strength

In the Shearer tradition, this Trashworker is built for structural integrity. Axles, castoring assemblies, floating hitch, frames and wings were all given special attention to ensure long service life. Greasable hardened pins & bushes fitted in high load pivot points are just one such example of our design philosophy.


Working Widths for standard centre 8.9m (29’5”), 10.8m (35’6”), 12.6m (41’ 6”), w/o extensions added
Number of Tynes @ 12″ Interval 8.9m: 29, 10.8m: 35, 12.6m: 41
Tyne Extensions Optional 2, 4 & 6 tyne extensions
Transport Width 6.0m (19’8”) w/- tynes folded back
Hitch Fully Floating 5.2m (17′)
Sowing Spacing 254mm, 305mm & 333mm
Number of Rows Five (5) mounting beams
Spacing Between Rows 1 & 2: 705mm, 2 & 3 765mm, 3 & 4: 765mm, 4 & 5: 765mm
Jumper Hydraulic Circuit 20 Litre Gas Accumulator
Wing Fold Two pairs of 4” x 30” cylinders
Wheel Centres Centre section, 4.0m (13’2”)
Vertical Adjustment Opener: 254mm (10”)
Depth Control Rockshaft w/- tandem cylinders, mechanically linked to wing wheels
Centre Wheels 16/70 x 20 x 14 ply lug
Castor/Wing Wheels 12.5/80 – 15.3 x 14 ply (lug optional)
Tyne Breakout Trashworker: up to 455 kgs (1000lbs)
800HL: up to 227 kgs (500lbs)
Tyne Foot (bolt hole centres) Trashworker: 57mm & 75mm centres
800HL: 45mm centres

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Due to our policy of continuing research, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.