Folding Wing Trashworker - FoldedFolding Wing TrashworkerTrashworker Hydraulic Tyne

Folding Wing Trashworker

Work larger areas faster.

Designed for primary and secondary tillage in trash farming, stubble mulch cultivation and chisel ploughing to break up hard pans.

Attaches to a John Shearer airseeder for trashseeding.

Available in 23 Tyne, 29 Tyne, 35 Tyne and 41 Tyne Models.


  • Proven robust construction
  • Level lift for equal working depth
  • Narrow transport width of 5.5m (18′)
  • Excellent trash clearance; wide lead between rows and proven tyne layout
  • Greasable hardened pins and bushes on all critical high load pivots
  • Designed for low maintenance; minimal moving parts
  • High flotation tyres are standard
  • Narrow 254mm (10″) tyne spacing option for summer crop sowing
  • Tyne breakout force adjustable from .4kn (100lbs) to 4.4kn (1000lbs)
  • Edge-on Tyne, 50mm x 32mm (2″ x 1¼”)

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Due to our policy of continuing research, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.