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Double Disc Opener Option

The double disc opener is an ideal zero-till option for John Shearer broadacre machines and seed drills.

Not only do many of our newer machines now feature double disc openers, they can be individually ordered for seeding equipment already in the field. This gives existing John Shearer equipment owners and unprecedented range of options for upgrading machines to suit very specific soil conditions.


  • Compact and robust parallelogram design
  • Spring and hydraulic versions available
  • Design allows the option to fit tyne opener
  • Can be mounted to either square or diamond beams
  • Available with either plain or scalloped (or a combination of both) opening coulters
  • Single or double shoot option

Benefits of a double disc opener

Benefits of a double disc opener include, more uniform seeding depth, reduction in draft forces, trash handling ability, reduced soil disturbance and faster sowing speeds. In some cases disc openers are more suitable than tynes when sowing into rocky conditions.

Sowing with a double disc opener, leaves a smoother soil profile and will assist in reducing water run-off.

Easy Adjustment

An easy to use ‘spring pin’ to lock the press wheel arm into place, is used to control the depth and provides
6mm increments over a 50mm travel. The spring loaded opener, has a mechanical screw assembly to easily adjust the main spring to decrease or increase pressure of both the opening coulters and the press wheel. Downward force can be increased to help cut through stubble residue and in drier conditions penetrate the soil for good seed placement.

The spring breakout pressure can be adjusted up to 182kgs (400 lbs) and the unit has 254mm (10”) of vertical ground following capability.

For the hydraulic version, pressure is adjusted on the go from the tractor seat to suit soil types and conditions. A pressure gauge fitted into the system, allows the operator to monitor the down pressure.

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