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CSN 8000 Pasture Drill

The Connor Shea 8000 series Pasture Drill is designed for direct drilling into pastures.

This purpose built drill is designed to obtain the optimum results from the combination of coulter, baker boot and coil tyne. The frame provides the strength and the weight required for efficient operation of the coulters in providing a slot in which the Baker Boots can pass with minimal disturbance into existing pasture species.

The three (3) ranks of tynes which provide a tyne spacing on each rank of 450mm gives operators an increased ability to sow into residues from previous pasture or crops. Spring adjustable coulter assemblies, featuring 340mm (13.38″) coulters, are fitted as a single row across the front of the drill. Sowing spacing is 150mm (6″).

The 8000 Series Drill is equipped with an infinitely variable speed, oil bath gearbox, which allows the operator to select any required rate between 1 kg/ha and 240 kg/ha.
The rate adjustment is a simple screw adjustable set-up. Rubber gates allows the drill to also handle very small to large size seeds.

The metering mechanism uses a three row fluted roller for the seed and a peg tooth roller for the fertilizer. The combined seed and fertilizer box has been located to maintain a low profile for the drill, with weight being carried close to the tractor to minimise its effect on tractor stability when sowing in undulating country.

Four sizes are available; 13, 16, 19 and 22 sowing rows and in either linkage or trailing.

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Due to our policy of continuing research, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.