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3.0 Metre Pasture Drill

Upgrade your pasture to increase carrying capacity with the 3.0 metre Pasture Drill.

The John Shearer 3.0 metre Pasture Drill is purpose built for pasture renovation. In the Shearer tradition, the drill is engineered to maximize serviceable life and operation. The robust construction makes it the ideal choice for use in many farming conditions.


  • 3.0 metre transport width, with 19 sowing rows at 155mm (6”) spacing or optional 23 rows at 125mm (5”) spacing.
  • Depth wheels in rearward position, maximize sowing width in relation to transport width
  • Extra large capacity grain & fertilizer bins, for less downtime between refills
  • Heavy duty robust construction, for operation in a wide range of conditions
  • Available with either double disc openers w/- press wheels or tynes assemblies
  • Infinitely adjustable gearbox allows small incremental changes to sowing rates
  • Includes electronic scales for sowing rate calibration and an in-cab electronic hectaremeter.

Infinitely adjustable, allows small incremental changes to the sowing rates. Important when sowing small seeds.

Wide Loading Platform

A large 450mm wide rear loading platform complete with handrail and steps.

Robust Main Chasis

The frame includes, large 16mm thick wheel mounts, fitted with high flotation tyres, two (2) 12mm front to rear frame supports and three (3) 75mmx75mm mounting ranks. Lead between ranks are 470mm between 1 and 2, 425mm between 2 to 3.


Two models to choose from:

Double Disc Opener

The John Shearer double disc opener is well built to perform in many different soil types and conditions. The compact and unique design, ensures the press wheel is much closer to the sowing boot than most others on the market. The opener is a true parallelogram unit and is based around two (2) carriers. The mounting carrier attaches the unit to the frame. The main carrier has the ground engaging coulters and press wheel attached. The press wheel provides depth control, as well as compaction of the soil around the seed, to assist with germination. Being a parallelogram design, the openers ability to follow ground contours is enhanced for a more uniform seed placement.

The opener has 254mm (10”) of vertical ground following capability.

Renowned ‘580’ Tyne

The ‘580’ tyne assembly is a clamp-on, smooth one piece design, incorporating a shank to provide efficient trash clearance. The adjustable single spring is standard at 165 lbs, however with the optional double spring loading, breakout force is increased to greater than 113kgs (250 lbs). For lighter soil conditions or stony ground, the spring pressure can either be backed off or the inner spring removed, to provide an easier jump action. The assembly features replaceable hardened pivot pins and bushes. The tyne foot will accept a wide range of ground engaging tools, including super seeder points, ‘T’-boots & Lucerne Points The Shearer ‘T’-boot is specially developed for sowing a range of pasture seeds.


Sowing Width 2.8m (9’2”)
Sowing Spacing 155mm (6”), (125mm (5”) option also available)
Sowing Rows 19, (23 row option also available)
Transport Width 3.0 Metres (9’10”)
Weight Empty 2680 kgs (5908 lbs)
Openers Double disc opener w/- press wheel, vertical travel 250mm (9.8”). Packing force 182kgs (400lbs). Coulter & press wheel, both 380mm (15”) diameter.
Tynes ‘580’ standard, with double spring optional. Fitted with mini ‘T’ boots or lucerne points.
Cylinders (2) phasing, 3 1/2”x8” & 3 3/4”x8”
Length (ex. hitch) 2810 mm (9’3”)
Tyres Dunlop SP LT33, 215 / 85 R16
Wheels 16″ x 7″
Gearbox Type Infinitely adjustable
Distributors Fluted & peg tooth
Gearbox Output Range Seed: 1 to 240 kg/ha

Fertiliser: up to 320 kg/ha

Front Bin Capacity 523 litres, Wheat 418 kgs (923lbs)
Rear Bin Capacity 640 litres, Super 755 kgs (1665lbs)
Options Manual front coulter bar kit
Hydraulically operated front coulter bar kit
Double spring for ‘580’ tyne assembly
125mm (5”) row spacing (23 Sowing Rows).

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Due to our policy of continuing research, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.