10 Row Vineyard Seeder10 Row Vineyard Seeder10 Row Vineyard Seeder

10 Row Vineyard Seeder

The Vineyard Seeder is a 3 point linkage 10 row seeder, designed and developed in conjunction with a local grapegrower specially for the grape industry.

Its compact 1.86m (6’2″) width, makes it an ideal machine for sowing between narrow rows of vines and turning at the headlands.

Standard features include, the extra large grain and fertiliser box, which means less traveling time and stops between refills, sowing mechanism which can handle very small seeds through to large legumes, a wide range 31 speed gearbox to eliminate the time consuming task of changing sprockets and an in-cab hectaremeter.

The disc undercarriage consists of 10 individual adjustable spring jump assemblies, which provide good trash clearance and soil penetration. Unlike double disc type assemblies they are not prone to plugging in wet conditions.

The seed distributors cater for a wide range of sowing applications, from small seeds right up to large legumes such as peas and lupins. Adjustable rubber gates minimize seed damage and fertilizer build up.

Pneumatic depth wheels and screw assemblies on both right and left sides, are used to level the machine and maintain working depth.


  • Disc Undercarriage
  • Simple sowing rate adjustment
  • Depth wheels & chain guard
  • Gas struts on lid
  • Easy maintenance
  • Electronic area counter
  • Large sight glass
  • Dual compartments for seed and fertiliser

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